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Located in Chico, California, we at Firm Foundations Insurance & Benefits Center build trust by listening to your needs and goals. We educate you on your options. We guide you on obtaining the best value for your situation with compliant plans and support you with superior service and current tools for success.


Dale Penne, President of Firm Foundations, was born and raised in Red Bluff, CA. His diverse and varied background gives him the unique ability to view our clients' benefits, concerns, and management needs from a 360-degree perspective while offering value and innovative solutions.


Having his family endure its own extensive healthcare challenges over the years, Dale experienced the confusion and hardships that can stem from various providers, insurance companies and health insurance policies. After over 25 years serving the community in other businesses, he saw an opportunity to become a licensed health insurance broker to help prevent people from going through the misfortune he and his family endured, and created Firm Foundations Insurance & Benefits Center.

Dale Penne's presentation at SHRM's event in Redding, CA on January 31, 2019. 

Dale E. Penne, RHU


My family has had its healthcare challenges over the years. These personal situations and my business experiences have given me a perspective that has changed who I am today.


I started Firm Foundations because I enjoy helping others save money and find great value. I know that health insurance is important in our lives, and that people need help, want help, and don't always know how to get it. 


Health insurance and employee benefits can be complicated, and people need someone they can trust and call for help. I am sure that you can tell from the above, that with us, it's personal...and we know that it's personal for you, too.

The Team


There are plenty of things to say about our well-rounded, diligent team at Firm Foundations. We strive to produce the best possible outcome for our clients. From prior work and life experiences to the current knowledgeable and high-caliber service that is displayed today, the effort and genuine relationships with our clients are happily maintained.  


As a whole, we have worked in restaurants, medical offices, accounting and finance; basically, a plethora of customer service jobs that made us who we are today. We can easily relate to our clients on a number of levels and it contributes to our passion for helping people. Our experiences have brought us to obtain a level of expertise in the insurance world and we are confident that we can continue to make a difference in people's lives. 

“WONDERFUL! Thank you, and thanks to everyone in your office--you guys have been AMAZING, and if I could nominate you for some type of award or prize, I would :-).”

Erika T.

“It is an absolute pleasure to work with you and everyone at Firm Foundations. You are knowledgeable, compassionate, capable, and great communicators!”

Laura M.

“Again, thank you for letting me resume a regular life...I appreciate your time and efforts on making this happen today.”

Sheri T.

“Dale continued to pursue various options while providing detailed financial projections...One of Dale's greatest stregnths is his tenacity. He did not quit when most other agents would have.”

D. Hignell

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